What is The Student Experience?

The Student Experience is a program created in 2013 through The Music Experience, a traveling 6000 sq. ft. interactive music environment that activates at some of the largest music festivals across the nation. 


The Student Experience offers a unique opportunity for youth engaged in music & art related academic programs, between the ages of 7 - 21.  Students, educators, and local unsigned bands gain unprecedented access into and impressive and inspirational behind-the-scenes look at some of the country's largest festivals.


Each student will gain a valuable perspective on the wide array of opportunities within the music industry. Participants receive backstage Tours, Q&A sessions with major performing artists, sound & lighting engineers, guitar techs, tour managers,  production staff, industry executives, instrument manufacturers, graphic designers, press, security, site operations, hospitality and more! 




"The Music Experience is a traveling interactive exhibit designed to tell the iconic stories of the music industry brands that built our industry.  Our immersive Music Experience places instruments into the hands of concertgoers at some of the country’s largest music festivals in the nation. Instruments are showcased by the best manufacture reps the music industry has to offer."


Students go on a backstage tour and learn the 

various aspects of event production. 

"We aim to provide an awe inspiring and memorable encounter for students, and create meaningful awareness of the components of the music industry often lost in the shadows of rock-stardom."


Students tour the festival grounds at Louder Than Life Festival - Louisville, KY 2014


Gest Speaker "Riki" Rachtman answers student questions about his career in TV and Radio.